Monday, May 12, 2008

Preaching to the Converted...and getting to the Rest

Parents and kids online. The "bad news" on parent beliefs about the web for social growth got a little press. The "good news" stayed in the room and to a small group of us on the webcast and SecondLife.

The "bad news" was in the press release issued May 8, released by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and Common Sense Media:

"Three out of four parents in the survey (75 percent) agreed that knowing how to use digital media is as beneficial for kids as traditional skills like reading and math, and 83 percent of parents said that digital media gives their children the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

But parents expressed skepticism about the value of many digital media platforms, particularly when it came to whether digital media could teach kids how to communicate and collaborate, skills that are essential in a 21st-century workforce. For example:

• 67 percent of parents said they did not think the Web helped teach their kids how to communicate.

• 87 percent of parents said they did not believe the Web helped their kids learn how to work with others.

• Three out of four parents do not believe the Web can teach kids to be responsible in their communities."

The good news was the charming conference -- invitation only -- on May 9th that was broadcast on the web live, as well as on Second Life, at Global Kids. It was filled with all sorts of companies enabling healthy teaching products to our kids. Soon its tidbits should be available for further viewing -- they aren't yet up. But the day was missing:

1) Obvious press presence
2) Discussion that I heard (though I missed a bit of the event) on how these insights will be disseminated to parents and teachers.

So far, I have found that US News Dave's Download Blog, Broadcasting & Cable, World Screen, eSchool News, Fox Business Online (press release copy), Kidscreen, and Reuters UK Blogs covered the "bad news" pre-announcement. I'd like to see what was covered from the great stuff on Friday, but so far haven't seen anything from the event and webcast.

So how do we get these dialogs out to parents at large?

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