Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Teens Pulling Online Tools Together to Create

I've had 3 13-year-olds in the past 2 days either show me their web pages or ask me how to build them. They aren't asking about Facebook, MySpace, or creating a Blog. They want to put up their art and graphics, as well as their thoughts on specific topics, in a web page. They are asking about the tools to create these things themselves.

In the mix of virtual worlds and fancy tools, one of the kids at our house this afternoon shared what he's working on. This 13 year old is musically inclined as well as into graphics, so combined the following resources:

-- Jimbo (http://www.jimbo.com) -- free webspace
-- G-force music visualizer (http://www.soundspectrum.com/g-force/) -- free trial
-- Line Rider (http://linerider.com/play-line-rider-online) -- free but really irritating banner ads -- lots of YouTube videos with the resulting magic + music

He created this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84cyFjFx-fo), which is quite interesting despite the illegal use of the music. From my feeble attempts to do create with Line Rider, it seems to be MUCH harder than it looks.

And on the Jimbo page (http://www.erikanderic.jimbo.com) shows fascinating Gforce art.

All free...

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