Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do I Let My 14 Year Old On MySpace, Part 2

I've noted before, if you respond to your teen's request to be on MySpace with "no," chances are he/she will head one of two directions: tiptoing around you to do it anyway or go somewhere else. And as I wrote recently, they could end up at someplace worse, like Stickam.

Take a look at the Parent Care tools at MySpace under Privacy Features. You can easily find its overview video and download at It is a nice feature to provide a background monitoring and authentication of your child's age, etc.

Also, for insights on other places to take your kids, take a look at Connected Parent at Yahoo! Kids. They have a recent post as to the results of the recent Symantec poll that we don't really know what our kids are doing:
Site overall:

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