Monday, June 9, 2008

Kid Vid Online

Today's Nielsen Online just showed what I'm already seeing -- kids are event more entranced with online video than us adults. Obvious, you say? I'm saying kids, not just teens.

The numbers that just came out from Nielsen is of their estimate of Unique Viewers, kids 2-11 who are watching online videos are watching 51 streams/viewer and 118 minutes a month. Kids 12-17 are watching 74 streams/month at 132 minutes/viewer, with more time per month than adults according to Nielsen Online:

Table 1: Monthly Online Video Consumption among Kids, Teens and Adults
(U.S., Home Only, April 2008)
Unique Viewers Unique Viewer Streams per Min per
Age (000) Comp % Viewer Viewer
2-11 7,966 8.4 51.0 117.9
12-17 11,632 12.3 74.2 132.4
18+ 75,122 79.3 44.3 99.4
Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus

And what are these kids watching for their 51 streams/month (almost 2/day)? According to Nielsen Online:

Table 2: Top 10 Online Video Destinations: Age 2-11 (U.S., Home)
Unique Viewer 2-11 Unique
Brand/Channel Composition % Viewers (000)
Disney Records 49.6 179* 48.0 161
MyePets** 47.6 161
JETIX 46.9 159
Playhouse Disney 43.9 340
PBS Kids 43.1 281
LEGO 40.9 137
NickJr 39.6 718
Barbie 39.6 105
Nick 39.3 1,009
Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus
100,000 Unique Viewer Minimum

* is aggregated site for Barbie, Polly Pockets, My Scene, Furryvile and Doggie Daycare
** MyePets is owned by MGA, the folks who run Bratz, and according to is running at about 225,000 uniques/month now
....there are about 4 million people in each "age" in the U.S. Some more, some less. In fact, we're in a bit of a boom right now...

So if I am understanding these correctly, about half of the 12-17's (6 years of kids, so 12MM/24MM) are watching online videos in April and about 20% of kids 2-11 (10 years, so 8MM/40MM). Adults 18+ in the U.S. are 229MM out of the 303MM 1/08 according to US Census, so that pencils to 32% usage among adults. So kids are nearly at the adult adoption rate, and half of teens are using online video. Very interesting.....

And we're still at about 1-1/2 hours per month for adults and around 2 hours/month for 2-17...but that's an average. The skew under those averages for teens must be quite interesting, as I meet more and more teens who watch "video" mostly online.

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