Saturday, July 26, 2008

Digital Mornings vs. Digital Evenings -- Disconnected Media

When does it make sense to immerse yourself in digital media? For me, it flushes away the 5-8 am hours when the laptop takes over while the family sleeps on weekends. It used to be walking and reading time for me -- instead it is sucked into emails, blogging, Twitters, and dealing with business/politics by email.

For my kids? Digital connectivity increases as the evening goes on. Everyone, left to their own desires, would each be connected to something in our digital flow in a different room all evenings. My husband? Message boards on scale modeling. My oldest? My middle? Games, games, games. My youngest? Actually reading a book while blasting classical music on the radio. (Have I mentioned that she is a little 60-year-old person in a 10-year-old body?)

As for me -- I stare at their heads, holler for them to come into the living room, and try to figure a connected evening together...

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