Monday, July 21, 2008

Google's Lively -- more than hanging with 20 year olds from Ireland?

I've peeked into Google's Lively virtual world a few times in the past two weeks. It's like Second Life with premade stuff (rooms, furniture) and based on rooms, so a bit Habbo Hotel-ish. You can add music, which does add some interesting atmosphere.

You are supposed to be older than 13 to use it, etc., which means you have a place for 14 year olds and up all in one bucket.

So the other evening I spent some wasted time building a few rooms (Video coffee bar and Goth Room) from starters with furniture and enjoyed the creative elements of taking videos from YouTube and photos from Picasa and adding them as room elements -- screens, floors, room dividers.

Then I went into some of the more popular rooms. Findings?
-- Blaring music and basic public spaces
-- Interesting internationally themed rooms -- for users from France, Brazil, Portugal, etc.
-- Young men who had changed nothing about the standard starter character's looks (so all looked nearly the same) all telling everyone their ages and countries (e.g. 23, Ireland). Many of them were using the kicking and punching aspects to throw punches at each other.
-- A smaller proportion of young women standing around in vapid conversations with same guys above.
-- Folks just wandering around.

Most folks were just citing how boring it is. What all can it be instead? Art sharing rooms? Video screening rooms?

The second most asked question, according to Lively's FAQ, is How can I create items? The answer is that for now they are just createable by professionals.

How Lively is that?

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