Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Experimenting...Chore Wars!

I just got back from a fun sci fi/kitch culture convention and was hanging out with some tech-savvy moms. One enthusiastically recommended ChoreWars.com, which we are starting today at the house. Very cool concept!

You sign up as a Player Character in a Dungeons & Dragons environment, then set up a "party" that works together. Evidently, this can be for offices or families. (Hmmm?) Then you can set up a pre-arranged group of "average" chores or start with manual settings. For each chore, family members get XP, or experience points, but also can get random treasure and monsters.

My friend has a snack drawer that you can only exchange for XP or game gold, and other treats around the house (non-food) that can only come from game results. She has 5 kids and finds that this both incentivizes and monitors in a really fun way. So we'll set this up today and see how my tweens react. All three have become decent gamers so this might be a nice tool set. More to follow!

The site is www.chorewars.com and the basic setup is ad-supported. If you want a Gold account, you can pay $10 (one time) and get rid of the ads, plus acquire additional features. It was launched by UK-based developers in 2007 and according to a recent article in The Times of London, has about 70,000 people signed up.

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