Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smithsonian/USA Weekend/YouTube: National Anthem Singing Competition

Do you have a young, sparking vocalist in your midst? Or can your family help you record and make a video as a family project of your own singing talent? The Smithsonian is going very Web 2.0 to bring the public into the spirit of the National Anthem, and this might be an excellent family project.

The Smithsonian is partnering with USA Weekend and YouTube to create a National Anthem competition. Very charming and a nice Web 2.0 integration with the museum's mission. The Smithsonian "gets it" fairly well, plus has a new director from more of a digital heritage. They even Tweet (

And, of course, I put in a submission...helped out an critiqued by my lovely family. I had two of my children over my shoulder making changes with the video edit (too slow here, mom!) and one just wincing in the corner.

Take a listen at, vote, and listen to some of the rest, then pass this on!

Note: You need to help your own younger children and submit for them.